Acoustic Virgins

by Hello Whirled

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recorded entirely in my bedroom


released April 3, 2017

Mary Elizabeth, the Acoustic Virgin



all rights reserved


Hello Whirled Ewing Township, New Jersey

Oh look, another kid who thinks he can get away with ripping off Bob Pollard.

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Track Name: Finding Peace
you said you found me but I don't know you're here
the constellations spell your name but it's not clear

looked all day, around
through concrete, tile, wet ground
looked all day, around
left unfinished, unfound
Track Name: Extended Body Collection
you don't know just how
much you mean to me
even though we're far apart
I molded your image in my heart

don't run off so quickly
I never got to say hello
at least say goodbye if you're going to go

take your body apart
to leave a space for me
in your extended body collection
I'm ready to take a seat
Track Name: Continue To Zone
hey, Long-Haired Lora
we found your holy guard
asleep in crown formation
awaiting poking hire
the thorns that keep you safe
hurt those around you
and I bet they're glad they found you
gearing up to now surround you

blood wishes in their eyes
grinning at the shot
hey, Long-Haired Lora
did you find your holy god?

we'll watch from the divine roads
as you fail to continue to zone
Track Name: White Diamond
after long years, I was ready to give my love a rest
but it appears you may have had some different plans
new horizons yet uncharted beckon new desires
from new places that bring arousing faces

are you the one for me? how can I know?
am I hiding it well enough? do the cracks show?
can you tell I've waited far too long for someone like you?
someone who knows I'm out there
waiting to be seen

"a loveless mind I don't mind"
I thought I wouldn't mind