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released October 31, 2016

"Embrace Stigmata" contains a live broadcast of WIFL AM 560.



all rights reserved


Hello Whirled Ewing Township, New Jersey

Oh look, another kid who thinks he can get away with ripping off Bob Pollard.

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Track Name: Marbled
brazen signs
hidden lines
secret scares
and no one thinks you're really there

going through the motions
hating every night
haunting in the morning
waiting for the light to keep me up

where's the hidden message
signal not located
codes too complicated
is this the path they threw us on?
Track Name: Dean Mercury
Dean Mercury
save a seat for me
my legs arent doing great
and honestly id hate

to make you stand me up
on your big night out for growing up
silence is the worst ending
from everyone whos been depending on you
Track Name: Fell Apart
another lack of helpful ideas
steering the motor away
when's the new day start?
back into my heart
now does Wednesday start?

and on the first day
he fell apart

when you fall in line you'll know
it'll never snow
when you fall in love you'll wish
to pull a switch
that'll let you go
Track Name: Dig The Fast Track
unborn widow swimming home
I think you know why
last cheers from 20 years
of simply floating by
the bag with your name on
it's just scraps glued together
what will you tell your mother?
what will you tell your father?

what will you tell the others?
"sorry I couldn't catch you all
your friends may be dead
but in my defense
I was too busy jumping ship"
Track Name: The Crown Is Yours
cutting the validity
of your presence
wrapped in a thin bubble screen
breaking the untouchable machine
and when it's over
no one will remember your name
and nothing you say will matter
Track Name: Down The Hall Of Air
hit the second coming
running over the hall of nails
hit the ground running
over the sound of the snares

down the hall of air

he'll be running
Track Name: Passage
I'm afraid
of the next logical step in this grueling process
passages narrow and margins wide
what if she died
but after all the lies
we told ourselves
and each other
do we need to watch one another
after all
we are why we fall
Track Name: Never Thought I'd See You Again
blinded by choice
interstellar voices climbing through the walls
and my consciene calls
ex-ghost on the other line
she tells me I'm out of time

to find my past
and let it just
I don't care
already there
tied to her chair
and I must stare
Track Name: Staging Sister Hanging
you were soft and free
laden under drapes of the sea
watch you now beneath me
growing up like an old tree

but this hurts to see

staging sister hanging
don't take her from me
Track Name: Vice Rackets Of Soho
what's going up
what are you coming down with

sick of the reasons to buy into treason
ill-minded, weary, in Soho
trying to please but they're high all the time
and the lights are the crime

one sunny afternoon
I'll have to see you soon
Track Name: Embrace Stigmata
let the breeze in through my hands
don't try to understand
you'll never get the hang of it
blood dripping down into my eyes
the skies they call my name
take the lord's name all too vain
embrace stigmata

let the breeze in through my feet
the scars of grand defeat
my time in hell was pretty neat
they all laughed and said
I'm not a messiah
and now they're dying
when they could have been simply crying
embrace stigmata
Track Name: And No One
over all the pointers taken
the roads not chosen
in no one's living arms
the assets not frozen

in no one's tents
the hope is banished
and no hearts vanished
and no one panicked

an insult to the living lovers
who wore their hearts as belts
who asked for nothing but sexual freedom
a light dies down
in the distortion hole in the common ground
where the gray people sleep
not emitting a peep
Track Name: The Night Sits Young
drowned in sweat
from the eyelids of storied tires
tired lips breach the bottle
and the night sits young

downed and set
from the islands of glorified fires
firefighting the beach at hand
planning victories in every land
Track Name: Walk Out Alone
pierce the eye
I loved your eyes before we said goodbye
and shut the door
went back to whatever was on the floor

was it out of lost hope gone missing?
it felt intimate but we weren't even kissing
not a single day went by with anybody blushing
much less touching

weighted thoughts
I thought a lot when I made the call to end it all
and somehow
I don't regret a thing
but sometimes I wonder
if you miss me

didn't want to leave a broken shell behind
alone with whatever hell's alive inside your mind
no time for second thoughts
now that I've opened the blinds

a loveless mind I don't mind