Frozen Iteration

by Hello Whirled

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Oh hey, I'm an adult now. Now I can do adult things like doing what I did when I was 17 but with slightly more guilt and worry.

Some extra notes inside each track.


released March 9, 2017

Every single thing by Ben Spizuco except for:

Ethan Oliva (Barlow, Gadge): extra guitar on 2
Dan Jircitano (Dirtman, Rectangle Creep): chord organ on 5
Randy Klingenmaier (Blackout Knights): extra guitar and vocal on 9
Magic Booka (Purveyors Of The Irregular): electric guitar on 13
The Peel Sisters: vocals and ukulele on 14



all rights reserved


Hello Whirled Ewing Township, New Jersey

Oh look, another kid who thinks he can get away with ripping off Bob Pollard.

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Track Name: Beauty Theory
whats it like to be alive
wasted and confused
but somehow on the right path home
the autumn hours have settled down
leading yourself on
foresaken and withdrawn

right when the target hits you
collapse into a haze
stumble around for hours
where minutes feel like days
cry until you're subtle
piss until you're clean
bleed until you're sober
prove the beauty theory

what's it like to be dead
frozen in a space
far from living's rusted chains
but locked in fate can't be all right
knowing you gave up
without putting up a fight
Track Name: Up In Flames (featuring Ethan Oliva)
the winds of sameness
a light of saneness
a life of stability
to keep the track straight
to not crash the gate
to avoid insanity

up in flames
we bear the same fate, oh
we bear our names in vain
we perish all the same
up in flames

white track
you're on the night track
and we can't turn back
the lights aren't flickering
we move on towards
the tunnel's gaping sun
we name ourselves "the suns"
Track Name: Indigo Crystal Asshole
let you touch me
behind the curve of wetter weather
and let me walk
into your perfect little life
i hope you're happy
taking a chance on me
i hope you're happy
taking a chance with me

risk factors have shown that i'm a parasitic ass
something growing in the back of your mind
to make you think i'm fine

pull you closer only to snap back when i get you might be lost
and i'll never know the cost
Track Name: I Know Where They Hid The Body
when the eyes collide
sparks are lit and here we sit
embraced in air
avoiding the matter clutched in your hand
is there love here?
a question I've often asked myself
and failed to answer so many times before

carriers leave the coat behind
barriers leave the body
merrier is the child behind
scarier is the rotting

the moon dreams of a happy end
before we've hit the rising action
sprinkling angel dust in our eyes
when the sandman's gone
nearer still to the threat of a heart
where I'm not ready to try again
because I know I can't fake it
if we want to make it

I don't want to be in love
but if it's going to happen
please just be as nervous as me
and maybe we could be happy
instead of scared
Track Name: Song For Athena (featuring Dan Jircitano)
way up
thorns in the side of her
rose from the dead of her
lights on
shine through the side to her
all right
straight to the side of her

bless the children while they're gone
and make them sleep too hard
so they won't know they're gone
with no one coming back to get them
she'll save them anyway
most talented in her field
Athena bears her name
to ensure the children are healed

all night
pray to the gods of her
on sight
facing the eyes of her
all white
pale when compared to her
so high
up looking down from her
so bright
fear looking up to her
all right
safe when I'm close to her
all night
here standing next to her
all right
straight to the sight of her
Track Name: Meteor Power Hour
all raise your arms towards the light
that guided us here

windy days ahead they say
they'll be coming our way
they'll be coming they say
but they never know
Track Name: Patriot
blood witness to the cross
sucking the veiny dick of the boss
is that the dream?
following hearts but forgoing the brain
220 houses that all look the same
is that the fucking dream?

I'm a patriot
I'm a patroit
I'm a patriot
and you need to fucking die
I'm a patriot
I'm a patroit
I'm a patriot
and I hope you fucking die
Track Name: Right Arm! (featuring Randy Klingenmaier)
call me out to ride out
savings blown away
red camaro in the three alarm sun
no ending to our big day

breezes getting hotter
getting longer
getting colder
turned to me and yelled to me
right arm

another night on the road again
planes stopped flying overhead
warmer jets setting cool again
what did you do with my friend?
Track Name: Early Morning Dry Heave
woke up to the songbirds screaming Minor Threat
I guess the day is out to get me

and feeling not too hot
sick of being mad
missing feeling angry
but not too very glad
seems I'm not the chosen one
frozen sterile pad
sick of being angry
tired of feeling mad

either everything in my life is really that shit
or I'm over sensitive to every little bit of whatever's thrown my way
Track Name: Empty Husk Of A Young Man
a sun getting higher
a husk getting down
the flames growing higher
a shell never found

never fully grown

a sign of the end times
mess higher than me
stand tall for the drill sarge
stand taller than me

all too fully grown

and why
Track Name: Torch Women
torch women marching
torch women bearing arms and knees
torch women swimming
torch women firing up to speed
torch women writing home their notes
torch women willing to die for home
torch women bringing on the gold
torch women fighting
Track Name: Mirrored Aztec March (featuring Magic Booka)
the wings of an ancient bird
flying over the burial mound
all the way from Mexico City
through to the ancient stomping grounds

mirrored aztec march into the sky
see from afar how high
mirrored aztec march into the sky
see from afar how they fly

the beak of an ancient bird
carved into the stone on a hidden wall
all the way from the top of the mountain
did it even live at all?
Track Name: Retiring Fortuneteller
frozen iteration cycle
the end of the tightrope
the end of the night shift
and it's over
and liberty prevails
tearing off the sails

of your grand cruise liner
grand designer of your destiny
headed off to sea
headed off to see
your future
sits with me
Track Name: Trying To Fly (And Landing)
trying to fly
makes a better sentence than a clever way to die
the hard part's keeping air
but I'm not trying to make a point
just want to clear my head of all the new ground I'll need to cover
the ground I'm flying over

now I'm on the hunt
searching for a great land that's earned my second chance
where I can land and hold its hand
this could be the place but I'm not quite sure

trying to land
makes a better sentence than "I'm universally panned
and I need a guarded refuge
from the angry world at large"
doesn't sound so strong when you put it that very way
nothing really does like that

now I'm on the hunt
searching for a great land that's earned my second chance
where I can land and hold its hand
today is not my day but it might be yours
now I'm on the hunt
searching for a new friend who'd want to bear my hand
and fill my voids like I'd fill hers
today could be the day as I hope it's yours