by Hello Whirled

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released June 3, 2017



all rights reserved


Hello Whirled Ewing Township, New Jersey

Oh look, another kid who thinks he can get away with ripping off Bob Pollard.

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Track Name: Harvest
the harvest rises up from the dirt
the harvest sighs and crawls through the street
the harvest faces the path ahead
onto the oncoming industrial fleet

the harvest faces the eclipse and flies
the harvest flies…
Track Name: Strawberry Melatonin
when we drifted off last night
we went out to Pleasantville, as they say
dancing up through every floor
and never wanting more
ascending time and space
overjoyed to be just in the right place
overlooking any flaw that came our way

valentine who makes me shine
who breaks my subtlety
I can't wonder if I'd be better off
without you knowing me
the melatonin keeps me down
when I'm not talking to you
valentine who makes me shine
please bring me next to you

your picture in the locket I don't own
but exists in my fairy tales
motivates me to make it this far
to run from the ripping sails
arm in arm we'd race down the boardwalk
"oh what a couple of pales"
the sensation that makes it all worthwhile
when I wake up drenched in sweat

I like my dreams better
when I'm drugged to sleep
when I'm feeling deep
when I'm forced to be asleep
maybe it's the way I concentrate my thoughts
don't have a choice but to finish them up
Track Name: FPS 1
she sat upon the rafters
waiting for the sign to fall
throwing up her cups of blood
over the burning wall
the fight was far from over
but her patience was almost gone
climbed up high to make a point
to know the right and wrong
of it all

expectation waits for no one
and if nobody else would do it
why couldn't she?

she struck out towards the grifters
who couldn't pick a side
and the lazy opportunists
only along for the ride
who dared to start the fires
just to watch their own side burn
leveling out the playing field
only to watch it turn
Track Name: Jean, Nevada
one says "I'm up and over
the wilted clover
we called love"
feels cold love
one thinks "we've hit the skids
but there's warmth to this
it's not over yet"
but will forget

alone in a town with no one to ask to leave
the split has occurred but there's nowhere to really hide and grieve
fate claimed them both and knotted them together
repelling arms forever
Track Name: 20 Wolves On The Plot
where will you be when you're forgotten
when will you realize you're no longer here
how will you cope with knowing they're all gone
which road will you walk down to a preferred fate

but you mustn't be late
pleasure only comes to those who act, not wait

wolves, twenty sitting in your new retreat
where you'll be fully realized and sweet
dared, dared to walk alone this empty maze
scared, scared to know exactly how you escaped

20 wolves on the plot
holding the rope
Track Name: Wistful Thinking
wistful thinking
on around
we watch them crash and burn
wishful thinking
placed us here
we watch them toss and turn

wistful thinking
growing pained
we know they're almost out
wishful thinking
feeling strained
we know they're talking loud
but feeling small…
Track Name: Themes Involving Birth
these themes we bathe the light in
the names we write our blood into
shaking the notion we're doing something wrong

notes involving birth
we understand the ritual

so let it go on

they stated our crests as nothing more than dirt
so we made our next move where it would hurt
played out and overused
our brethren walking out confused
Track Name: FPS 2
liquid light
hopping the rain for a fresh one to fight
solid cold
hoping for sunlight to bitter the bold

theres not a better time than now
to get involved
lead the charge
and be unknown

failed and thrown
from the backs of the masses
images shown
how theyve grown
taking fate in their own hands
not letting them be owned
Track Name: St. Lucia
praise be unto her
the floating silhouette who graced our hearts last year
praise be unto her
who rid us all of our fear

got too close one time
she made it clear I couldn't
or was it that I shouldn't?
either way I'm still afraid
thought it'd be okay to ask her real quick
she said it'd make her sick
what am I worth if I'm not loved by love herself?

I don't know
but something about her makes me never wanna go
back to wondering who I'd find
back to wandering lost in my mind

praise be unto her
how can I love another when I know she's here?
praise be unto her
I'm all too sure of it but lately out of fear

should I reconsider the decisions that I've made?
I'll always wish her close but yet she'll never feel the same
wasting time and life won't get me anywhere and yet
I'm all too willing to forget this
when she's around
staring at the ground

lately it seems
she shares my bed in dreams
and as the tension rises
my fear collapses
is she just playing with my thoughts
or just sharing the immense stress
she brought?

what else don't I know?