Instant Pandemonium

by Hello Whirled

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"catfood" made extremely famous by robert pollard, who i'm sure would be fine with me playing his extremely famous song


released January 22, 2017



all rights reserved


Hello Whirled Ewing Township, New Jersey

Oh look, another kid who thinks he can get away with ripping off Bob Pollard.

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Track Name: Jesus Didn't Die For Us
where is the flag for all of us?
where is the light to give us hope?
where is the signal to let us know
we'll be fine?

waiting on the flag to blow away
your christ compelled a new point to start today
waiting on the moon to show the light
behind its holy curtain
Track Name: Desperate Clotheslines
a future's looking up with my name written in my blood
and I'm sitting on my bed waiting for the flood
an ark couldn't save me what with the height of the wave
I should be dead given everything I've done of so depraved

folding my wishes
hanging my worries on desperate clotheslines
waiting for the rain to take me

away from every sin I've committed
memories dangling from the ceiling
and haunting me with knowing everyone I've wronged is out there
whether or not I'm part of them
irrelevant to where I'm standing
they've already judged me and the violent waves agree

cut my hands open
grabbing my tunic from desperate clotheslines
martyr with no followers at bay
Track Name: Birth And Dairy
piledriver knows
on his way home that hes not alone
ghost hanging over his home
letting him know hes not alone

speaking up against the rose
the rising, the raising, the raining fall
speaker trips up his rows
letting us know that were not alone

any day well open up
our hearts to the gods we think are above
and gently penetrate the hole
that we think is of the queen of open love

new faces of birth and dairy
and endlessly caring for their earned reward
mothers and fathers rejoicing in finally
being happy
Track Name: Instant Pandemonium
strained on the flack I'm dragging
nights staying up on pounding
rights redefined by dragging
godspeed ahead by lagging

when the year turns cold
and the pollsters have been polled
will we find ourselves yet again
in disappointment
and immense regret
rash decision making wins again
and instant pandemonium will reign
Track Name: Everything Is Fine
there is no god for you to look up to
to judge you for your sins
for not looking out for your neighbors
for not giving them a chance to begin

island nations will beg for your forgiveness
tugging at the cuffs
until you pass your hand out
to assure them everything is fine
when everything is on the line

everything is fine