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released October 4, 2016



all rights reserved


Hello Whirled Ewing Township, New Jersey

Oh look, another kid who thinks he can get away with ripping off Bob Pollard.

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Track Name: Fall Of Mantis
the fall of the coming
shook apart the earth
awaiting signals from the undergod
to showcase the new birth
clinging to our screens
next to the old machines
we closed our eyes and waited
for a sound that never came

the fall of the island
woke up the neighbors' minds
alerting to the glowing fact
that everything was to be left behind
sailing on the rafters
they found no second home
they closed their eyes and waited
but they didn't want to go
Track Name: Pamphlet
on and on
they keep on playing along
holding hearts too close to their chest
wishing for
a winning score
but they're too dumb to guess

branching out
they keep branching out
to the people they haven't touched
spread the word
perception stirred
join the fun when you've brushed
with fate

gaze through binoculars and watch them play
do they know they're not awake
Track Name: Everyone In Your Hands
watching as the skin peels
you'll never catch a break
suicide at your demand
so many loves at stake

willing to risk a life for you
swimming in the fatal lake
the horror on your face can't describe
your failure and mistake
Track Name: One Example At A Time
washed ashore in a wave of glory
the last page to the missing story
drinking ink to fill the holes
scattered brains on every pole

one example at a time
the right way to make a statement

held the key but let it block
my hand to the door that let it lock
a mind made up of plastic dough
a new stinger for our hero
that only serves to make more money
Track Name: Whores Of The Tundra
captive carousel of illuminating grandeur
hostile work environments that only seek to pander
washing the red grime off your face and then it clicks
throw your inspirations at a wall to hope they stick

field mice running around
running around
on the frozen ground
the tundra waits for no man
and no woman either way

holding the golden hand that serves your drinks
smoking and broken wrist, it feels so wrong to treasure
the girl with the shattered bone, she waits for you
dripping with badly applied blonde hair dye, you know she wants to cry
but her job won't allow it