Romantic Distance

by Hello Whirled

Philadelphia 02:42
cute asians in the street who I'll never see again a passing fleeting glimpse of where my journey will never end in university city i roam where thousands of others call their home by the writers house fair floral and concrete on the sidewalks at my base hundreds of students making waves but i only see the face maybe someday ill settle down in a nowhere mining town but since im here ill leave my heart in philadelphia ill never sleep again
I’m kinda used to the loneliness more often than not these days I’m just disappointed to no fault of theirs, to no fault of mine just so happens we ran out of overlapping time the sun rising over the snow faces in the gym, none of which I know all I want is to not be alone, tonight first night out in a new age, lighting fire to the new stage glancing around for a sense of comfort i know I’ll never find to no fault of theirs, to no fault of mine I brought it upon myself to draw the jagged line the halls so high
i think youd mind if i stared but i may be the only one who really cares theres no game but head in shame how i want to know your name but i cant force you to share force you to care i think im sure but i dont know why standing on the floor of a dark red sky pods on the lawn from the laundry high a lovesick cure for the days i almost cried a wish from above to tell me what i really need a raining champion to plant another worried seed gods they admire looking down in nothing and obscured desire a soaking rag to throw the point into the fire
Hermit Song 01:52
am i doomed to play the hermit forever i see no further path where they wont take me in groups they fly across my door and never asking to join very slowly i blink the situation hits very quickly i break the fan they wave to shit it's the echo fringe that shocks the crowd catapulting loud cups line the doorways flooding with blood how can we be so proud very slowly i think the situation hits very quickly i break the road they paved to bits
Eagle Hook 01:59
starry eyes sing starry nights overlooking riots, fights holding on for the victory they claim arm in arm, cry in cry fighting for their noble eye standing screaming shouting for his name we’re on a roll we’re on a stride millions of people laughing, crying on a high not jumping down to see the sky ringing out in every city making the violence out pretty questionable timing but they had the right frame of mind throwing punches but not of mad truthfully they seemed awful glad to leave an empty case behind we’re all we’ve got we’re all we need to overcome the breaking eye where were you when you saw the Eagles fly?
silver minded soul catching the rays in a metal bowl reflecting towards the right spooning out the gold new frontiers spinning in oil that breaks the mold into little blue specks of light they tricked you to shame another pawn in a useless game they think they'll win silver minded something in arcs we descend honored fires, end to end the means of which foretold an endless night silver minded solar flares ascend
scored a victory today for my past self it means nothing now it would have meant a lot long ago but currently i dont think how no use trying now i dont think i want it and i dont want to hurt her forcing my early goodbye forcing love for it to die i can watch her walk away and be okay it doesn't burn my world it's easier to live without romance just trying to befriend all the cute girls
Black Lights 03:29
i dont know where they got the branch they dropped her from rolled into my wall from nowhere i dont know why she thought id be worth something i dont know a lot about her minds lay waking chances taking on her sirens of atlantic capes, atlantic gowns drifting over burlington, atlantic towns red hands talking over the stars is it worth wondering where you are black lights shaking black lights breaking on her theres so much i dont know what is left to show black lights breaking on her
ive seen her around but id never seen her eyes out the left field, redder than the lovesick skies wandered off to someplace far away up above, she’s at the parade ride the wait, the kinesthetic eye brought up from ample poor design touched me, up from schools and lies held down by the wandering eyes lives in the clouds, follower her all day white smoke with little puffs of gray eye turns but never tries to stay never tries to make its way never tries to make its way
Seedstepping 03:18
sense of height looking down floating above every move I made at which point did I cement the current standing longing by the shade what she doesn't know can't hurt her as if she'll ever know where every step is taken another seed will grow and entrap the foot shots I knew better than to take catching up and thanking me here's to the world I sure avoided by knowing that wouldn't make me happy
Fog 03:12
the fog settles in where are we designed by sadists to block the view of a better world of a better earth for profit we don't seek the skies, gray, looking bleak at night we flee towards newer grass patches of hope we stitched onto our heads they'll find us dead if we have to shake the notion we won't be okay you just need to bite down and wait a day the revolution calls and it needs volunteers if we're going to last another twenty years this dry spell has an ending the happiest we've ever been take my hand and we'll ride into the sunset


Special thanks to Nick Foles.


released February 12, 2018

written and recorded by myself in a tcnj dorm room (travers 6 come find me)


all rights reserved



Hello Whirled Mount Laurel Township, New Jersey

Discog size: 100

Photo by Braden Kirk.

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