The Lost Division

by Hello Whirled

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(recorded not too long before the Limbo EP)


released May 2, 2017



all rights reserved


Hello Whirled Ewing Township, New Jersey

Oh look, another kid who thinks he can get away with ripping off Bob Pollard.

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Track Name: Railway Spine
right above the wanted fear
the structure starts to swing
anxious that it'll knock us out
afraid of what that will bring

railway spine

the plays are gone because of it
and we're left with cold dead fear
brethren we loved have been removed
but we're left sitting here

wondering why
Track Name: Frost Over Niagara
frost over the falls tonight
and cold like you
if today was any indication
we might be through

your shit parade stopped way too close to the door
watched my lifeblood crack and spill along the floor
sold my essence to a wheelwright
gave him one last chore
broke my patience on you
Track Name: Not For Sex But For Free Weed
so it flows
flew away
marked on central target
flew away
never say
you couldn't play
down to her last joint
waiting for you to make a point

could you be any higher?
Track Name: Do You Want (Your Battle Cry)?
away you go on your next excursion
long tides ahead they say
knowing it won't be hid recursion
I must watch you sail away

do you want your battle cry?
do you want a false goodbye?
do you want to wonder why
I'll never let you go?

arching out into a sea of pleasure
drinking it up in desperate measures
wading through the pool of your dreams
is it all that it seems?
Track Name: Love Is A Rebellious Bird
do you know how to get to the other side
where the sunflowers point north and simply glide
do you know how to get the less lonely side
where I don't have to worry if it's possible to hook up
I'm shook up

love is a rebellious bird
sends shivers down your spine through a four-letter word
I've heard people can do that
why can't one of them be me?
writing cheesed-out shit poetry for the one who may never be

will you ever be?

love is a rebellious bird
it shits on the single and leaves them clear turds
but you know it's probably better this way
gives incentive to love
erases the fear of above

will there ever be love?
Track Name: Beads
I still wonder
if I really feel you there
digging tunnels through your hair
is it worth it?
waiting on the edge of my seat for you
but I've never seen you stare

running little beads through my mind
hoping that my love can stay blind
if I meet you up close, what will I find?
hoping that my thoughts will stabilize