Welcome To The Pony Club

by Hello Whirled

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released April 12, 2017



all rights reserved


Hello Whirled Ewing Township, New Jersey

Oh look, another kid who thinks he can get away with ripping off Bob Pollard.

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Track Name: Welcome To The Pony Club
come one come all
to our little club
your choice of bird
for your excess love

turn the lights off and live the night away
you can bring home memories but the girls are here to stay
let your mind run wild in the red-light depths of lust
entertaining every want and every must

when the fans turn off
you know it's only getting heated
I'm sure your service is enjoying you too
and not feeling at all defeated

Marina's in the corner, crying
she may have told you "no" but she's just lying
come one come all to the pony club
pay for the target of your excess love

when the girls light up
we have to pack it up
they'll take every chance they can
to still feel human
Track Name: 13 Dot Kolam
were they right for you?
old system of morals tried and true
and look where it got you
somewhere off in a human zoo
it seems

representing every number on the board
decimating every promise being assured
hunted down with fear in case you know they're wrong
where your culture fails to run
they'll get it on

run and grab my coat
it looks quite like they've sunk the boat
and on this cliff I stand
waiting to see if they'll hold hands
with the earth
Track Name: World's Greatest Parking Garage
oiled up and spun
they watched the children run
under the cars
under the stars
they wanted them to have fun

in the world's greatest
parking garage
of mirrored floors and
faint mirages
alive and knowing
quickly growing in size
where everybody flies
Track Name: Land Where Everybody Flies
open air
fighting against the breeze
pushing against
open arms
over the glass and bridges
flying against

pick the spot to finish
and remember to land
where everybody flies

through the air
gravity takes a newer form
shaping against
through the lens flare
fighting against the rays
flying again

pick the spot to finish
and remember to head
to a land where everybody flies
Track Name: So Have Your Fun
I'm falling through my life
taking pictures of the best parts
however little they may be
no matter what they are
they're still the lucky stars
that keep me going on some days

disregarded by the night
I choose to banish light
so I can sit alone and daydream
what if everything is fine
and I'm just blowing it up
and everything I want will happen?

why do I do this to myself?
it's helping no one else
and all I know is it might break me
I've seen it all before
not falling through that door
can I be strong enough to stay inside?
Track Name: Forever On The Verge
if it works we can do it again
if it breaks we can head out forever
if it stalls we dont have to wait for an answer
forever on the verge

can we talk about it later
I'm not ready to comprehend it now
should we stay in the dark about our secrets
should we come clean and lay low for a while
Track Name: Express Land Bridge
after your fancy parties
your false alarms and your abaiting charms
after I'm through with the parade
meet me at the bridge home
pay the toll and head for the stroll
there's a lot on my mind tonight
and surely tons on yours

mind the wires
I got lost in the fire
I'm bleeding
mind the wires
I'm lost in the fire

is it really so bad after all?
they won't know we're gone unless they say so
we know they'll be marching on
anyway, every day
without us
and it's never gonna be about us

laaaaaaaaaaaaaaand briiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidge
off to a better world
laaaaaaaaaaaaaaand briiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidge
off to a better whirled
Track Name: Giving In To Suggestion
I've resigned myself to the labels provided
ready to live my life pre-decided
I can fight if I want but they'll only watch me
drag myself down for it

all approved materials come pointed my way
I don't really mind but I wish I could say
that "I'll fight if I want but no one will stop me
they'll all sit around making sure that I hurt me"

I've removed myself from the tables they charted
the cells and divisions that left me departed
I can fight if I want but they'll just let me stay
one foot in the door, one arm in the clay

I can fight if I want but they'll only watch me
drag myself down for trying to copy my gods
Track Name: To Be Remembered By
I stuff my dreams with aluminum silk
and wrap it til it breaks
impaired arrival left her in a bad state
I would have warned you sooner but you wouldn't have known
I could have been a better friend but it wouldn't have shown
I should have been the better man and left you alone

on and on
breathe along
the whispers of a lying passion
compass points you west
on and on
trudge along
the shivers of a dying cold
that serves to suit you best
give it a rest

the day I break is the day I win
forced by separate entities to toss the bin
overheard by gossip girls who just walked in
never mind the business, we have pleasure to fake
conversations never had, may never will
separate sleeping, together awake

on and on, we walk along
the dotted line that tries to keep us bordered deep inside
setting sun, feeling gone
waiting for a holy sign
a note to be, for sure, remebered by
Track Name: The Trees Have Answers
I took a peek into the forest of your tears
raining up from below the foliage
walked slowly and whispered to the sun
"what have you become?"
but didn't expect a response

turn to the trees for the answers you don't know you need
head for the hills to uncover the flowers from which to feed

lost in your mind
the vines are tangled
and the paths are blocked by discharge
are you the one who's in charge?

I don't really like it here
and I bet you don't either
Track Name: In With The New Guns
the signage here is getting old
making green lettering from pink, blue, and gold
watching the cars ride on broken roads
over the dead kids and open loads
the sunsets aren't so beautiful these days
I'm finding more and more they're mostly yellowed gray
misty hours are settling down
into the night of this crumbled town
Track Name: Every Dream Is About You
your grave mystique it haunts me
unknowing aura taunts me
will I know my place?
where to find the grace
mind set on your face
maybe I should hide it

I'm collapsing under the weight of you
hiding just at the sight of you
every dream I have is about you

I want it to go away
but it feels like it never has and never will
Track Name: Marina's Voyage
wonders up as she opens up
and finds a place to stay
the dreary gray eternity
that made her run away

and she will maybe find
her calling
and she will maybe run with it
to a better place

the rain may wash her tears away
but the fire always burns
gone are the days of relying on sad fucks
who weep if she simply turns