by Hello Whirled

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A semi-concept album about attraction.


released April 29, 2017

All things done by Ben Spizuco.



all rights reserved


Hello Whirled Ewing Township, New Jersey

Oh look, another kid who thinks he can get away with ripping off Bob Pollard.

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Track Name: Big Damn Heroes
dropping the bombs, gone, and shooting the breeze
we know it's
ruse but it's giving us something to do

as we lead with no direction
collecting our baggage in our open wounds
they'll pray for us always but never reach out
maybe we're not the heroes they say we are

they're hanging from branches, dangling down
and yet nothing
we're only in it for eventual pay

busting our chops for their national campaigns
with our faces
proudly smiling at the unmarked graves of our friends that couldn't make it out
they worship the ones they've forgotten about
I guess we're not worth it
we really are not
if you won't hold up your agenda for us
Track Name: Church Of Julia
dug through carriages and hopeless marriages
saving the last case of Cisco for later
all that I had taken from me
in physicality

but in spirit she stays, in my pointless maze
in my world where she didn't leave
backed by popular demand
she's reaching out her hand

her eyes still blink as I, awake
sit and wonder how I got so far
from the old stability of structure and praise
to scraping off the tar

livid in lust, I complete myself only
when the room's all cleaned and dry
yet blind to the wreckage that's keeping me from free
as far as I know, Julia's next to me
Track Name: Directions To The New Appliance
free directions to the new appliance
comes with purchase of a new compliance
captivating to your old alliance
and weakening

she sits up, morning up
into the bowl of her most important fruits
tired of living her life too excitable

ready to settle down

all in a day's work for The Mother Gray
up with a headache every day
she bakes her thoughts into a muffin tray
and watches it while she blows away
Track Name: Weekend Numbers
walk it off
to know you'll find refuge
under the bushes
under your car
I know you're not very far
I know you're not very far

the weakened numbers on the porch
crouched down beneath the stairs that'll take me there
cutting off your hair

blue eyes reflect the light from your room
lightens up the street
erasing dripping gloom
I could watch you from here for hours
but why wait for the prize?
you left your door unlocked tonight
so I'll see you inside

see if you're still here
how much will you care?
Track Name: Oceanic Love Note
we saw the new wave rising
we heard the thunder roar
we knew the end was coming
we'd seen it all before
we knew what we had to do
to live, oh what I'd give

as we wave at the coastline
giving our condolences to the shore
and we head home
first past the vantage point
a coat of shame we wear in arms
past the ocean's little charms

we crashed into the winter
frozen above our shaking heads
we opened the trunk into the summer
and crafted our own little makeshift beds
it took a week but we made it to autumn
to spring into action, we would be okay
looking back at the end, we knew we would be fine
but to live another day, I still dream of the coastline…
Track Name: The Bright One
the clouds are gone and you wonder why
how you let your finest hour slip by
and the money's still here but the product's gone
and you're out of ways to turn you on

you needed love but you couldn't find the right one
you needed to emote but you couldn't fight one
you needed a fix but you couldn't light one
you're taking the daggers for the bright one

your dry mouth is crumbling onto the floor
and you're finding skin you hadn't seen before
were you dazed for a year living as a whore?
getting by on a good time that was really a chore?
Track Name: Beauty Through The Centuries
in an air-conditioned suburban apartment
legs hunched over and drifting off
all letting down in a puddle of plumage
quite enough for her to creep a yawn

there's a lot out there
but what the fuck do I know
about beauty?

lying on the carpet surrounded by light
taking in heat like a hyacinth
gold heart in water, drowned deep in my soul
fazed inside my labyrinth

there's a lot out there
are my sights too small?
do I know shit about beauty at all?

47 is waiting down the hall
phone's still ringing but it's not me
liberation's tempting but I don't want to break them
too scared of others to just run free

maybe it's better
that they don't know my face
knowing I'm into
but taking the ace
Track Name: When We All Hold Hands
when the moneys gone
well meet back here in the sun
when were not having any fun

hand me your gun
and well get it done

inner beauty begs to differ

when your nerves collapse
and all bone marrows fail
when the hammers break
upon your rusted nail
well meet on the hill
affirming the gun

when we all hold hands
facing the sun
Track Name: The Dividing Line
blocked up in the mind overthinking my future as always
eyeing the 10s as they walk smoothly down the hallways
goals set and dreams held, I wait for the great unknown
that big test of time that will tell me if, at all, I've grown

how do I know if who I like will reciprocate?
for all I know, we could be hooked, but for now I can only wait
so close but sitting so far, and too quiet to take a chance
the wall that divides us from being fine to ancient dance

so many tributes but only one ever really stood out
spent a day there and I tried to make sure she wasn't forgotten about
she told me she saw me but I never found the figure there
could she be the one to come into my life and make me care?

facing my demands and accepting they're best untouched
when attraction is high but commitment is low, it can't be rushed
what was done once before just cannot be allowed to repeat itself
things I neglected that I'd wish upon nobody else
Track Name: Array
walking through your dream
arrays of blank machines
that want to work but no one's running
the fast track's off and you're left gunning
all that's left is who you're stunning
and they can't reflect that to you

what's it to you?
surrounded by those
who look up to you
what can you do?
Track Name: Left Side Up
follow her home to beneath the stairs
tiny table with wooden chairs
to lie down on her frozen floor
ankles by the window, head through the floor
she's growing her flowers in the kitchen sink
flies to the bathroom to catch a drink
lost her way coming down from above
with an eyedropper full of carbonated love

bury my soft side right face down
bury my soul mate left side up
I know she's still here
I know she's still here

changing her room for a few long days
leaving me to crawl through her homegrown maze
tally marks left by the lost and gone
wonder if intuition led me wrong
I hope I'm coming back again
a saga never really wants to end
maybe she's up on a flying cloud
maybe she's looking down real proud

bury my soft side right face down
bury my soul mate left side up
forever on here
forever I'm here