I Belong In Limbo

by Hello Whirled

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released April 22, 2017

astronomy written by tommy keene



all rights reserved


Hello Whirled Ewing Township, New Jersey

Oh look, another kid who thinks he can get away with ripping off Bob Pollard.

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Track Name: Bless The Midwife
she drugs the children when they're born
writes the numbers on the board
when the parents score

bless the midwife
stuck in midlife
Track Name: Valentine
on your way back down
find your footing, find your ground
come back being mine
hold me in sweet valentine
shallow minds may swim
by your birthday on a whim
come back being mine
fold me in sweet valentine

on the wing, back down
pinned my shoulders, went around
lower as it goes
climb my shoulders, all he knows
is sometimes he's okay
and sometimes he can't bear to stay
stealing words and phrases
1. they don't like me, it's okay
2. they don't like my disarray
Track Name: (Onto A) New Home
it was always going to blow away
you tried your hardest to make it stay

but sometimes things have to pass on
when you're moving on, something must happen
and your only choice is to run with it

may the wind carry it off to a new home
may your tears evaporate and let you be happy again

so have fun with it
Track Name: Her Face All Red
lady luck is here again
and it's looking to be on the hose
her injuries aren't so nice this time
and she didn't come to boast
the usual smile replaced with a faint
tearful remorse for the pictures they paint
always a lover but never a saint
Track Name: Cheongsam
on the dress you wore
the flowers red and dotted lines gold
draped across
and nicely put together at the fold

where's the day I get to see
your black hair pouring out
it's been so long since I've seen you around
I've waited for you to carry me off the ground

on the boat you came on
an array of grand designs
down the streets we walked on
crying over familiar signs

where's the woman I knew before?
smiling eagerly when I opened the door
I found your old dress but who did I do it for?