My Heaven

by Hello Whirled

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All things done by Ben Spizuco except:

"Melodramatic Bullet" outro recorded in M3
"Aimless Rites" outro drum samples taken from some royalty-free sound site
"Fantasy Bleach" intro spoken by Marla English in 'Shield For Murder'
"Lou Gehrig's Disease" written by Bill Goffrier


released July 4, 2017



all rights reserved


Hello Whirled Ewing Township, New Jersey

Oh look, another kid who thinks he can get away with ripping off Bob Pollard.

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Track Name: Dripping World
way up in the tower
watch them dropping girls
lights out inside
with nothing left to hide

holed up in the bed
hear the screams next door
could get up
but they're not what I live for

drunk haircuts tonight
running with scissors 'til they can't see light

way up in the tower
watch their dripping world
lights out inside
with nothing left to hide

they won't settle down
Track Name: Search For A Dead Pyro
we're on a hunt
for the lighting fires of Asheville
yellow skies
and orange grounds to make it easier
and someday we'll make it higher
and light a safer fire
for the dead pyro

her world is her ashtray
to dispose of trees and wildlife
from her pack of flints
to give out the sacred knife
lips stained on the filter
she flicks into the world
the clouds unclean
the farming irons curled

don't run, it's getting late
to claim the dead woman's estate
the arsonist is laid to rest
propane torch laid on her breast
Track Name: Settlement
where are we now?

days, pages of our journals
burned by the sands of space
rapid fire attitudes
tied by our choking lace

scorpions braiding our hair at night
drinking our supply
sun-dried skin peeling off our hands
never quite there to die
Track Name: Melodramatic Bullet
out far, sigh - you breached my heart
dismantled, and held apart

let it go from your hands
the wrong fingertips will make it bleed

beat it 'til I can't feel hurt
the pain deserves to be just curt

'til it fell apart
Track Name: Teenage Wino
what lies beneath the eyes
the glasses and the sun-tan
the many years I've questioned
could she be the one
to prove I'm wrong

to pick me up and make it strong
she's looking down at me
the only thing I see
is she intellectual or full of shit
will I get tired of it?
is she really in all there
or just another teenage wino
just like them?

is there even common ground
in this beautiful girl I found?
or am I lost to wander around
wondering why no one I love's like me?
where will I go
to find who I want to forever know
as my soulmate or someone along those lines
someone who peaks my interest and designs
Track Name: Aimless Rites
aimless tribes
many not taken
many left shaken
many unturned
lawless nights
half as gold
as the letters not sent
and the corners not bent

half as cold as you were then
I hope not to know where you are now

aimless rites
many not read
every left dead
every left dead
Track Name: Breather
could be the thing to save us
the book of history's greatest reunions
comeback tome
sexless and castrated
they built the city in a hot flash
then went home

but who am I in it for?
the puritan or the whore?
are those the right labels? I'm not sure
breathing harder than before
the breeder takes her time
waiting for the perfect partner in crime

mileage breaks me out in hives
33 miles up 295
leaving home
to a magical land not far away
but enough to make me say
"I feel alone"
Track Name: Athena's Growing Heart
gut swig from the morning rum
she asks herself if that's really what she's here for
retreats back into bed
and ruffles the pink strands on her head
is she ready to live this same old life
corner to corner, knife by knife
is it worth it to live on gut repeating
or can Athena's heart start beating?

the love is there, she knows for sure
but can she bring it to herself to find it anymore?
eternally worrying if the ship sailed
but there's still hope for this ex-"war whore" to prevail

the west side looks brighter today
more yellows, less gray
did the optimism bloom the world?
or is her vision just that curled?
around the block to keep it rolling
fully aware of where she's strolling
another light to let her shine
another day for a brand new time

the love is there, she knows for sure
a new horizon to become someone pure
built a new ship when the last one sailed
letting the other cheek prevail
Track Name: Fantasy Bleach
the room drips black
light shines through the crack
but it goes nowhere
just like you did
and now you're here
encapsulated in your greatest fear

sailing hope away
there'll be none where you stay
you thought you had it
but the night took your dreams away
now you're left to cry into the void
your tears are freezing
cracking down

graying out your hairs
the top of the stars falls down the stairs
their lies won't protect you
and your innocence erodes on sight
reality takes another bite

tensions break in tears
wiping countless years
in smoke and glass you break your sight
to face the light
brush away your hair, and let your eyes
give you grand insight
turn on the light
and turn around
Track Name: Where It Always Has You (And You It)
where we land
and hit the target
breathe hard and
make the mark on the ground
plant the flag and be proud
make your mark on the ground
plant the flag

and take part
where it always has you
and you it
strangled together
breathing forever
Track Name: Little Dipper
the face of the stars
looking down
through the clouds
he watches, smiling
glad he's free

and Little Dipper knew me

cruising the atoms
for another cannonball
he knew it all

and Little Dipper knew we
had it in us
Track Name: Ahead
the saffron's growing too high
there's no more room to see the trees
the ivy's much too strong here
bringing out holes in my knees

and now where I can't walk
I can only gawk
the satellites pointing at my destiny
I know it'll hit me fast
that I didn't misjudge the glance that passed
at the sheer volume and density

my heaven's only ahead

the skies are inking darker clouds
and home is only down the street
I'll make it if it's the last thing that I do
before heaven's underneath

as the light dawns gray
a tear drops as I pray
that everything will end up fine
that the peers won't fuck me up
that the doors to love don't shut
and I won't have to watch the hell I've mined

the air is feeling colder
I guess it's time to fly the nest
to leave behind my family
and don the lion to my crest