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hey it's a new album


released January 4, 2017

"I Heard It" written by Ethan Oliva
"Show's Over" written by Devon Brown



all rights reserved


Hello Whirled Ewing Township, New Jersey

Oh look, another kid who thinks he can get away with ripping off Bob Pollard.

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Track Name: Hand Over Fire
soft and warm
leaving the hand over fire
zero hearts for liars
leaving the hand over fire

nothing left to do but wait
burn up in the heat of our fatal mistakes
sit around and wait
Track Name: Pride (When You Need It)
brave minds think differently
for fear of replication
and hybrid condensation
wherever your mileage takes you

waving flags at half past two
it's not the best thing you could do
but if you want to show some colors
just like all the others
it can't hurt
Track Name: Phased
these will probably be my last days here
before they take me back to the stars
I'll leave you with gifts that will mark my name here
fancy drinks and broken cars

you can call however often you would like
but you'll never hear from me
Track Name: True North Princess
come hither, gentle minds
the end is near
and I can't pull your arms in
come fall
time won't let me see what's behind the wall

true north princess
rescue me and take me
to a better land above

no need for this sacred thing
that other beings call love
I just don't want to think
"this is it
I guess I'm alone"
Track Name: I Heard It
Track Name: To Living Lost
if youre feeling falling out of line
take my hands and we can make you shine
just be sure to find a working time
because its going to take a while

blessed are the many lives we lost
making the perfect solution to living cost
to living lost, we have the way out
take my hands and we can make you shine

do the side effects outweigh the solution?
here's the bed you'll need to sleep on in
the test is broken and you won't have long
before you become another with the spirit mind
Track Name: Sterile
sterile minds bring fertile lives down with them
to the valley, caught and nailed to the crossroads
sorted out by wantedness and makeup pounds
make them wait and give their weight around

you have two seconds to release me
tried to please me
knowing you'd sit still if I budged
knowing I wouldn't fall in love
knowing you'd gesture the pass anyway
fights won't stay if you get your way
is that what they say?
Track Name: Men Of Flight
to the ovulating trees
pilots falling out of skies
aviators telling lies to ground control
no words on the diving pole
no words on where next to go
no words on their next stunt show
going up

winter brings misery to the men of the air
anguished citizens bleaching their hair
out of fear of loss of fertile wind
terrible nights worth staying in
going up
going down

the psychic terminologies
of her increasing oddities
and all around her golden guns
bow down to all her folding suns
and lose
flowing hair of vantablack
she smiles and silently walks back
for you
Track Name: Three Ghosts In An Overcoat
after hours we'll sit on the rise
catch the sun before it falls through our eyes
say goodbye to the world as we know it
as it falls through the sky

choked up and sweating
are we forgetting something?
or is it nothing?

life is short and not very precious
we are weak and all too anxious
my lives are dead and hitting nine
it's not all there or that divine
Track Name: Young Body, Old Mind
blasted off, collected, settled into space dust
behind the third eye, behind the light that brings you your peace
choked up reading old memories of what could have almost been
the year's too out there to reconsider the choices you can't any longer make

flying secret, finally I'm with my calling
dying here, up high's too weird, is it true I'm falling?
razor cuts the visor down the spiral of control
if you give me your heart, and they give me their mind, I'll give you all my soul
if there's anything left to salvage
if there's anything left you can take everything you see

enough fluff pieces but I've run out of things to say
my audience grows smaller when I try to look away
is there a life for the dying heart that beats in double time
losing touch with what held on, searching for a fucking rhyme?

citizen fight on just the right
time of day for a meaningful episode
but we all know better than that for me
sterile mind in fertile soul
heart's in it but with too much control
this shit's getting too old

what's the point
Track Name: Show's Over